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"Ofensiva Tinerilor” Association is an organization that adopted, from the beginning of its activity until today, various themes in different projects, most of them involving youth. The members and collaborators of Ofensiva Tinerilor” Association involved in their projects people belonging to different ethnicity and ages for promoting cultural diversity, responsibility in the community and promoting decisional transparency in public administration. Also, our organization was involved in some programs of Corporate Responsability.


The association was founded in 2004 and changed its board in the summer of 2010 but never stopped its activity in the youth field. Since we started our work we organized project under the frame of Youth in Action Program, under some pilot calls of the European Commission (AMICS, EYV 2011, etc.) under different national and local funding.

Regarding youth mobility and activities from the Youth in Action Program, ”Ofensiva Tinerilor” Association had been partner in several youth exchange projects, training courses, seminars and partner building activities in different countries all over the world.



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